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HKI Genome Ressource


Streptomyces iranensis (HM 35)

Streptomyces iranensis was first described in 2010 by Hamedi et al. The phylogenetic position of this bacterium is mostly related to S. rapamycinicus, S. violaceusniger, S. yogyakartensis, and S. javensis but builds a separate position in the phylogenetic classification tree. This is supported by specific phenotypic characteristics, e. g., pigmentation. This makes this species interesting to explore the genomic and chemical diversity of the genus which is frequently used to detect new secondary metabolites. Here, we describe the first genome sequence, assembly and annotation of this streptomycete.

Currently available Genome Ressources:

- Genome Sequence [genome.fasta]
- Gene [cDNA.fasta]
- Coding Sequence [CDS.fasta]
- Protein Sequence [protein.fasta]
- Structural and functional annotation (Gene Ontology InterPro domains) [gff]

External Ressources:

- Literature Horn F, Schroeckh V, Netzker T, Guthke R, Brakhage AA, Linde J (2014) Draft genome sequence of Streptomyces iranensis. Genome Announc 2(4), e00616-14. [LINK]
- Raw Data [LINK]
- Taxonomy [LINK]


- Biological contact persons: Tina Netzker, Volker Schroeckh
- Bioinformatics contact persons: Fabian Horn, Jörg Linde