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HKI Genome Ressource


Aspergillus calidoustus

Aspergilli are one of the most studied filamentous fungal genera in the Ascomycota division. The genus Aspergillus is also known for its ability to produce a multitude of natural products. Among them is the newly sequenced species, Aspergillus calidoustus. Aspergillus calidoustus is a recently classified thermotolerant species, unlike the mesophilic Aspergillus ustus, where many strains were formerly classified. Interestingly, Aspergillus calidoustus has also been shown to produce many different natural products and the genome sequence revealed that it contains over 50 natural product gene clusters.

Currently available Genome Ressources:

- Genome Sequence [scaffolds.fasta]
- Gene [genomic.fasta]
- Coding Sequence [CDS.fasta]
- Protein Sequence [protein.fasta]
- Structural and functional annotation (Gene Ontology InterPro domains) [gff]

External Ressources:

- Literature Horn F, Linde J, Mattern D, Walther G, Guthke R, Scherlach K, Martin K, Brakhage A, Peske L, Valiante: Draft genome sequences of fungus Aspergillus calidoustus. Genome Announcement [Accepted]


- Biological contact persons: Vito Valiante
- Bioinformatics contact persons: Jörg Linde