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HKI Genome Ressource


Verticillium hemipterigenum (anamorph Torrubiella hemipterigena)

Verticillium is a genus of fungi in the division Ascomycota. The genus includes diverse groups comprising saprophytes and parasites of higher plants, insects, nematodes and other fungi. The best known species are Verticillium dahliae and Verticillium albo-atrum which cause severe infections in a multitude of plant hosts. Torrubiella hemipterigena and its anamorph, Verticillium hemipterigenum, is an insect pathogen. Torrubiella species were regularly encountered on adult leafhoppers belonging to the family Cicadellidae. Verticillium hemipterigenum has been reported as a bright source of new natural products with interesting bio-activities.

Currently available Genome Ressources:

- Genome Sequence [genome.fasta]
- Gene [cDNA.fasta]
- Coding Sequence [CDS.fasta]
- Protein Sequence [protein.fasta]
- Structural and functional annotation (Gene Ontology InterPro domains) [gff]

External Ressources:

- Literature Horn F, Habel A, Scharf D, Dworschak J, Brakhage AA, Guthke R, Hertweck C, Linde J: Draft genome sequence and gene annotation of the entomopathogenic fungus Verticillium hemipterigenum. Genome Announc 3(1):e01439-14. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01439-14. [LINK]
- Raw Data [LINK]
- Taxonomy [LINK]


- Biological contact persons: Daniel Scharf, Christian Hertweck
- Bioinformatics contact persons: Fabian Horn, Jörg Linde