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HKI Genome Ressource


Penicillium brasilianum (MG11)

Ascomycetes are a diverse group of filamentous fungi producing a wide range of natural products.The genus Penicillium is a major player in the field of natural product chemistry even having a species producing the quintessential antibiotic penicillin. In this study the Penicillium brasilianum MG11 strain was sequenced because of its potential to produce a wide range of natural products that have shown to be antiviral, cytotoxic, carcinogenic and even possess insecticidal bioactivity. Work will be done on elucidating the 36 putative natural product gene clusters.

Currently available Genome Ressources:

- Genome Sequence [scaffolds.fasta]
- Gene [genomic.fasta]
- Coding Sequence [CDS.fasta]
- Protein Sequence [protein.fasta]
- Structural and functional annotation (Gene Ontology InterPro domains) [gff]

External Ressources:

- Literature F Horn, J Linde, DJ Mattern,G Walther,R Guthke,AA Brakhage ,V Valiante : Draft Genome Sequences of Fungus Penicillium brasilianum MG11. Genome Announc 3(5):e00724-15. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00724-15. [LINK]


- Biological contact persons: Vito Valiante
- Bioinformatics contact persons: Jörg Linde